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Glenda’s Recent Work

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Not often can we view an artist’s career stretching for more than a half century—including her youthful beginnings, especially when it is still being created, and more than that, still making headway toward its pinnacle of innovation.

There is a signatory quality throughout Glenda Green’s body of work, within a great variety, richness, and technical mastery of her many subjects. Perhaps the longevity of her career is due largely to the range and success of her many interests, breadth of intelligence, and personality. She has been a true Renaissance woman, with accomplishments not only in art, but also art history, science, philosophy, literature, spirituality and theology. For many artists such a spread of involvement could have resulted in eclecticism. For Glenda it brought elasticity of vision, dimension, and dedication that is ever fresh and timely.


Before she was thirty she had been exhibited at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City and had a painting acquired for the permanent collection of the Smithsonian Institution. Her style, subjects, and media for every decade were the natural consequence of challenges, accomplishments, and environments unique to each period. Through the years of evolution a consistent artistic personality has always been at the core of her creativity. We look forward to presenting the story in pictures, text, reprinted articles and recorded media.